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19.02.24 Urgent call to EU negotiators to strengthen rights of all victims of crime regardless of residence status
19.02.24 Revision of the long-term EU budget: what implications for migration and asylum policy 2024-2027?
13.02.24 81 Civil Society Organisations call on MEPs to vote down harmful EU Migration Pact
13.02.24 Over 40 organisations call on the Cypriot authorities to take action to stop the escalating harassment and attacks against KISA and protect civic space in Cyprus
07.02.24 Racial profiling key element in the new deal on the Schengen Borders Code
07.02.24 New EU Directive on Violence Against Women leaves out migrant women
25.01.24 Racial profiling, policing and immigration control
18.12.23 Over 50 NGOs pen eleventh-hour open letter to EU on human rights risks in Migration Pact
07.12.23 EU now poised to lower detention and deportation age to six in shock Migration Pact move
05.12.23 Human rights organisations: “Days left” for EU legislators to save the right to asylum
16.11.23 Migration Pact: EU lawmakers flirt with racial profiling in final negotiations
06.11.23 Switzerland: new study measures benefits of 2018 Geneva regularisation