Our Members

© Picture: Katja Tähjä
© Picture: Katja Tähjä

We have 164 members that work to advance social justice and human rights of undocumented migrants and to promote humane approaches to migration. The membership expands across 31 countries, primarily based in Europe but also in other regions.

PICUM’s secretariat provides a direct link, through our members, between the grassroots level, where undocumented people’s experience is most visible, and the European level where policies relating to them are deliberated. We work with our members in thematic working groups.

Member organisations include human rights organisations, migrants’ rights organisations, migrant-led and grassroots organisations but also organisations focusing on children’s rights, women’s rights, access to health care, legal aid and access to justice, as well as trade unions and faith-based organisations.

Member list


Accem works to improve the living conditions of marginalised people in Spain, including migrants.

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ADC Memorial – Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial

The Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial Brussels promotes the rights of minorities and marginalised groups and opposes racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia in the former Soviet Union.

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Aditus Foundation advocates for the respect of the human rights of marginalised groups, including undocumented migrants, in Malta.

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Afghan Association in Sweden

The Afghan Association in Sweden provides services to asylum seekers and undocumented migrants in Sweden.

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Afrique Culture Maroc

Afrique Culture Maroc is a migrant-led association promoting the economic, social and cultural rights of migrants in Morocco.
They also provide direct support to migrants, especially women and unaccompanied children.

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Agisra provides social support to women victims of discrimination in Germany, including migrant women.

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AKIS – Afghan Cultural Association in Austria

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Anti-Slavery International
United Kingdom

Anti-Slavery International works to end modern slavery through advocacy, capacity-building and campaigns.

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Antirasistisk Senter

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APAV – Asociación en Prevención y Asistencia de la Violencia

APAV assists victims of gender-based violence in Spain, and works for its prevention.

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APAV – Portuguese Association for Victim Suports

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How to become a member

Our membership is open to non-profit and non-governmental organisations working with or for the rights of undocumented migrants and who are committed to PICUM’s vision, mission and values.