Justice and Policing

Being undocumented often means being at greater risk of coercion and abuse, and having fewer options for support, protection and safety.

We want systems that address the causes of vulnerability and that put people’s safety and right to support and remedy first, whether or not they choose to engage with law enforcement or other authorities.

Legal Seminar

Racialised people are being targeted by ever stronger links between policing and immigration enforcement. Join us on 29-30 November to discuss Racial Profiling, Policing and Immigration control.

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Justice and Policing

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Justice and Policing

Unconditional access to services for undocumented victims of crime

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Having no, or precarious, residence status often increases the risk of experiencing abuse or exploitation. At the same time, it means having fewer options to get support and protection.

What safety means for undocumented people - 03:41

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Ensuring everyone can access healthcare services is essential if we want to improve and protect our health and well-being, and that of our families and communities. If you’re undocumented, trying to get health care can put you at risk of being detained and deported. This destroys trust in the health system, and discourages people from seeking care. To ensure that everyone is treated based on need and not their status, delivery of services must be delinked from immigration enforcement actions. A “firewall” in health protects individuals from discrimination, and the integrity of our health systems.

Firewall and Justice - 01:51