18.07.23 Greece: what the new Migration Code means for undocumented people
29.06.23 Participation and empowerment: Mobilising for the rights of undocumented people
30.05.23 Campaigning for regularisation in Europe
11.05.23 PRESS RELEASE – AI Act: European Parliament endorses protections against AI in migration
07.04.23 Labour migration policies in Portugal
04.04.23 Spain: over 16.000 young migrants obtain residence permits thanks to 2021 reform
23.03.23 Partnership principle in EU funds: strong on paper, weak in practice
08.03.23 Over 100 people criminalised for helping migrants in the EU in 2022
01.03.23 Data encryption: why it’s vital for migrants and their defenders
22.02.23 Labour migration policies in Ireland
20.02.23 Meaningful participation: making sure undocumented people’s voices are heard
13.02.23 Labour migration policies in Finland