06.11.23 Switzerland: new study measures benefits of 2018 Geneva regularisation
18.07.23 Greece: what the new Migration Code means for undocumented people
30.05.23 Campaigning for regularisation in Europe
04.04.23 Spain: over 16.000 young migrants obtain residence permits thanks to 2021 reform
01.09.22 UK: new rules make it easier for young people to access secure residence permit
21.06.22 Undocumented domestic workers go on first-ever strike in Brussels, Belgium
05.05.22 The 2022 Irish regularisation programme: the long fight of undocumented people
06.04.22 Regularisation of undocumented migrants: how to make it work
14.12.21 Italy: the 2020 regularisation scheme leaves many behind
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18.11.21 Spain adopts law to facilitate regularisation of young migrants
01.07.20 Regularising undocumented people in response to the COVID-19 pandemic