• Why a rights-based approach to migrant children? The case of undocumented children and families

    The current approach to migrant children is piecemeal, focusing on protecting certain categories of children, such as unaccompanied, asylum seeking, refugee or trafficked children. Many children are falling through the gaps and facing grave and systematic rights violations. This blog makes the case for a rights-based approach that protects all migrant children, including undocumented children and families.

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  • PICUM Members Take the Floor

    Following the EU elections, over 100 PICUM members came to Brussels to participate in PICUM’s 2014 Annual Workshop and General Assembly in June. Read here what PICUM members discussed to actively shape migration policies and build alliances to bring about change in the coming years.

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  • Listen to me! I am building my future

    The side event on "Ending child immigration detention" was organised jointly by four civil society organisations who strive to put an end to child immigration detention: Terre des Hommes, International Detention Coalition, PICUM and Save the Children. This blog of Terres des Hommes recounts the event and speaks about the impact detention has on the wellbeing of children.

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