Toolkit for Campaign Launch

Get involved in a joint PICUM-WAVE initiative to improve access to services for undocumented survivors of violence

On the occasion of International Migrants’ Day, the Platform for International Cooperation (PICUM) and Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) are joining forces through the Step Up! Campaign to push for access to services and justice for undocumented women and migrant women with precarious status.

WAVE launched the European-wide Step Up! campaign in May 2016 promoting the rights of all women survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection, and to press for greater efforts across Europe to stop violence against women, raise awareness of the problem, and protect survivors through activities which target different stakeholders and decision-makers.

In the context of this campaign, the partnership between PICUM and WAVE puts a particular focus on undocumented women survivors of violence to ensure that they:

  • can access shelters and other support services
  • can report violence and abuse without fear of being arrested
  • are empowered through improved knowledge of their own rights

What PICUM and WAVE will do:

On 15 December, ahead of International Migrants’ Day, We will publish a joint statement to officially launch the campaign partnership, and call on our network partners to endorse the following principles by signing a pledge:

  1. Women’s rights are human rights.
  2. Protection and safety come first. No woman should be turned away from a shelter because of insecure status.
  3. Give them a way out, a way forward: empowering women by promoting their autonomy and agency.
  4. Solidarity against discrimination: reject laws, policies and practices that limit women’s access to services because they are undocumented.

A link to the online pledge will be included in the statement.

  • Launch a dedicated page on undocumented women on the Step Up! Campaign website, including information (reports, videos, testimonies) about the situation of undocumented women, and about the campaign and how to get involved.

What you can do:

Become a national partner

  • Contact us to have your organisation added to the list of national partners supporting the campaign, and to facilitate the creation of links with other organisations at the national level. Click here a list of national level partners of the Step Up! campaign in each country which you may contact to coordinate action.

Sign the pledge

  • On the day of the launch, you will receive the statement with the link to the pledge. Sign the pledge and encourage other key partners and actors – including shelters, victims’ support and other service providers, local and regional government representatives, law enforcement, and others – to sign.

Use the campaign to strengthen your own advocacy

  • Make use of the campaign materials to support your own advocacy.
  • Share your own resources for dissemination through the campaign and uptake by campaigners. If you have relevant documents or audiovisual materials (in any language) that you would like to have linked the campaign page, send them to:
  • Use the pledge and other campaign tools to galvanise support for your own local messages and priorities.
  • Use the campaign as an opportunity to join forces with WAVE members and other women’s organisations at the national level.

Promote the campaign and its core messages widely

  • Disseminate the statement and the pledge among relevant governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.
  • Promote the campaign and its core messages when you engage with key target groups, such as women’s shelters, doctors, legal advisers, police and local and regional governments.
  • Translate the campaign material including the pledge into additional languages and share it within your network.

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Alyna Smith
PICUM Advocacy Officer Health, Legal Strategies and Women

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