The Reception and Care of Unaccompanied Minors

By PICUM Member I-Red 

Unaccompanied minors are a group of undocumented migrants who are subject to multiple violations of rights in the EU as in many cases and reception realities – Greece being the most negative and humiliating one – they are (ill)treated considered to be adults and often are left by the state as they were found: unaccomopanied and unprotected. Moreover, the ongoing drama of the unaccompanied minors highlights with uncomparable clarity and volume the shortcomings and the failures of a collapsing EU migration and border policy.

Our recent joint research (with France Terre D’Asile and Comitato Italiano Rifugiati) on unaccompanied minors has revealed more similarities than discrepancies between countries regarding problems in their reception and care. It has also shown an intense need for harmonising legislation, monitoring and implementation of policy for children, which can only work and be based on the full unconditional and unnegotiable respect and protection of rights of separated children.

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