Publication: Human Rights Indicators for Migrants and their Families

KNOMAD’s Thematic Working Group (TWG) on Migrant Rights and Social Aspects of Migration has published a paper entitled ‘Human Rights Indicators for Migrants and their Families’, authored by Pablo Ceriani Cernadas of the UN Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families, and National University of Lanus (UNLA), Argentina; Michele LeVoy and Lilana Keith of PICUM, in collaboration with Luis Campos (UNLA).

The working paper shows that the use of indicators for the human rights of migrants can facilitate and monitor progress and compliance with legal obligations; that the fulfilment of migrants’ rights is an essential tool for social integration in multicultural societies, and that migrants’ rights indicators promote evidence based policy-making.

The document is structured in four sections. The first elaborates further on the purpose of developing indicators. The second presents an illustrative indicators framework for the human rights of migrants, for discussion and adaptation according to context, and specifically for the right to non-discrimination and equality of treatment, the right to education, right to health, and right to decent work. The third discusses some key methodological concerns with specific relevance to migrants, and explores in particular questions around sources of information for use as indicators. The fourth provides several examples of data collection on migration and migrants rights’ from across the globe, by various different stakeholders.

The paper provides a practical tool for governments at all levels and other key stakeholders to advance development objectives through the protection of migrants’ human rights.

The KNOMAD Working Paper Series disseminates work in progress under the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD). KNOMAD is headed by Dilip Ratha, the TWG is chaired by William Gois (Migrant Forum Asia), with Pia Oberoi (OHCHR), Rhea Saab/Kerry Neil (UNICEF), and KNOMAD’s Secretariat Focal Point, Hanspeter Wyss. Contributions were received from Michele Leighton and Ryszard Cholewinski (ILO), and Carolina Hernandez (OHCHR).

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