PICUM Terminology Leaflet Available in French, German and Spanish

PICUM published its leaflet advocating to end the use of the term ‘illegal migrant’ in French, German and Spanish. The leaflet is the key resource of PICUM’s ‘Words Matter’ campaign and provides reasons why not to use the term ‘illegal migrant’, a lexicon with translations of ‘undocumented migrant’ and/or ‘irregular migrant’ in all EU languages and an overview of key institutions who have already committed to accurate terminology in reference to undocumented migrants.

The campaign was launched in June 2014 with the English leaflet followed by translations of the terminology leaflet into Greek, Dutch and Italian in December 2014.

The ‘Words Matter’ campaign is carried out in cooperation with PICUM’s network and has reached at least 10,000 people since its launch in June 2014.To find out more about the campaign and ways to engage in the campaign, click here.

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