Over 177 civil society organisations and trade unions call for a new Europe for people, planet and prosperity for all

A group of 177 other civil society organisations and trade unions, including PICUM, published a joint statement on 12 September 2016 calling for a Europe which is inclusive, open, just, sustainable, and that works for people of all ages, social backgrounds and nations.

The statement comes ahead of the Bratislava Summit where heads of state will discuss further reforms and future developments for the EU.

The statement urges to speak out and act against division, marginalisation of different groups in society and those that play on fears for their own political ends; to ensure sustainable and inclusive development, advancing human rights, and allowing for dignified movements of people, where refugees are welcome and all people feel safe; to create a Europe that aims at improving the living standards of everyone; to put a focus on equality and inclusion, a relaunch of the European social model to provide decent work, quality jobs and better living conditions, strong environmental protection, meaningful action on climate change, and an EU-wide effort to welcome and integrate migrants; to listen and engage actively with citizens of all ages and social backgrounds and to work even harder in making the case for the benefits that working together have brought to European citizens, and the values for which this Union stands.

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