New UK Campaign Demands Access to Justice and Services for All Migrant Women

Initiated by the The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRs), several migrants’ rights and women’s rights organisations in the UK have launched a new campaign to improve access to services and justice for all migrant women.

Migrant women. Photo: ©Alan Gignoux | Dreamstime

The UK government’s policies particularly affected migrant women in a negative way and puts their rights at risk. Migrant women with insecure legal status reporting violence, abuse and crime are at risk of their details being shared for immigration control purposes.

The lack of safe-reporting mechanisms in place creates a barrier for migrant women seeking support to flee violence and gives greater impunity to perpetrators.

The Step Up Migrant Women campaign aims to increase participation and empowerment of migrant women in voicing their concerns in strategies, influencing policy at local and national level. It aims to highlight and recognise the intersectional experiences of migrant women and the specific barriers they face, which are often marked by discrimination linked to race, language, immigration status, income, sexuality, disability, and others.

The campaign’s ultimate aim is to secure safe reporting mechanisms and work towards the establishment of a firewall at the levels of policy and practice that separates immigration control and reporting from support services to victims of crime. The organisations will actively engage in advocacy activities to ensure that the barriers and needs of migrant women victims of crime inform policy and practice.

To read a campaign briefing including ways to engage, click here.

To watch the campaign video, click here.

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The campaign’s principles are based on the principles of the EU-level ‘Step Up Migrant Women’ campaign led by PICUM and Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).

Contact person for the new UK campaign

Illary Valenzuela Oblitas

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