International Women’s Day: Calling for Action to Ensure the Right of All Women to Safety, Protection and Justice, Irrespective of Migration Status

The European Commission has declared 2017 a year of focused action to combat violence against women and girls. Today, on International Women’s Day, PICUM joins other members of the European Coalition to end violence against women and girls in calling on EU member states to ratify and fully implement the Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention), and to approve the EU’s accession to this Convention in a meaningful way.

The Istanbul Convention contains enforceable standards on preventing violence against women, protecting survivors and punishing perpetrators. It requires states to guarantee the availability of services like emergency hotlines, shelters, medical assistance, counselling, and legal aid. And it forbids discrimination on any ground, including migration or refugee status.

PICUM Director, Michele LeVoy highlighted:

This is very important to ensure that undocumented migrant women can have access to justice and reparation, which is far from being the case right now. It is critical to understand how policies in other areas – such as migration – undermine efforts to end violence against women, and in fact put women at greater risk. We need leaders who speak out in favour of the rights of all women.”

Violence against women and girls continues to be the most pervasive violation of women’s human rights in Europe and worldwide, and affects the lives of millions of women and girls.

Click here to view facts and figures on violence against women and girls in Europe and to find out more about how the ratification of the Istanbul Convention would address violence against women and girls.

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