Hidden lives in front of us

Life without residence permit is hard, dangerous and depressive. That´s what we realised as we met people without papers in seven EU-countries. We traveled to Spain, Greece, The UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and our own home land Finland. We spent days and weeks with people who don´t officially even exist. But to us, they were real and their worries were very real. We joined their life: cooked with car washers in Canary islands, followed a beaten man into hospital in Brussels and listened when traumatized refugé family was crying hours in front of us, in so called wellfare nation, Sweden. Paperless people shared their life stories and we followed their life with a camera. Now the unseen photos and never heard testimonies are published. Paperittomat is a first documentary book about undocumented people in all over Europe. So far it´s only in Finnish. We are constantly looking for a publisher to bring these people into daylighjt also in English speaking countries.

– Kaisa Viitanen & Katja Tähjä, Paperittomat (Paperless People), HS Kirjat, Finland, 2010.

For more information: kaisaxviitanen@gmail.com, ktahja@gmail.com

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