Factsheet: ‚Istanbul Convention‘ can be used to ensure protection for all women who experienced violence

The Istanbul Convention, which entered into force on 1 August 2014, is the first comprehensive legal instrument on violence against women. As of November 2020, 34 states have ratified – and so are legally bound by – the Istanbul Convention.

The Convention is a milestone for undocumented women and for women with precarious residence status because it expressly forbids discrimination based on migration status and requires states to make it possible for women whose status is dependent on a violent partner or spouse to obtain an independent residence status.

At PICUM we have published a fact sheet that explains key provisions which can be used to ensure protection and access to counselling services, shelter and other services for undocumented migrant women. It also outlines how civil society can contribute to the monitoring process of the Convention’s implementation in different countries.

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