EU Alliance on Investing in Children welcomes Council conclusions and encourages more action and investment in all children

On June 17 2016, The EU Alliance on Investing in Children released a joint statement welcoming the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumers Affairs (EPSCO) Council Conclusions on Combatting Poverty and Social Exclusion: An integrated approach and is encouraging more action and investment in all children.

The Alliance for Investing in Children is urging EU institutions and member states, and in particular the upcoming Slovak Presidency, to maintain child poverty and social exclusion high on their political agenda. In particular it is calling for the promotion of a more comprehensive implementation of the European Commission Recommendation Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage by developing a roadmap and adopting child well-being indicators’; to re-balance the economic and social priorities throughout the European Semester process and put a stronger emphasis on policies addressing child and family poverty and social exclusion in the Country Specific Recommendations.

In addition, it is calling for the continuation of the promotion of the positive exchange of knowledge to tackle child poverty encouraged by the Dutch Presidency through the collection of best practices that is plan to be published as an addendum to the Council Conclusions and by the European Commission through the organisation of Peer Reviews.

It recommends that the lessons learnt are taken in due account by member states when designing and implementing policies that aim to combat child poverty and social exclusion, and that peer reviews continue to be organised in the future for further exchange and learning.

An Investment in all children and young people it says; is key to achieving all aspects of sustainable development and is crucial to ensure that all children over the course of their lives have the opportunity to develop, thrive and contribute to build a more cohesive, sustainable and prosperous Europe.

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