• Michele LeVoy
    Michele LeVoyDIRECTOR
    • Strategic development, coordination and management of all PICUM work areas
    • External representation and main spokesperson

    As Director of PICUM, Michele has led the organization for nearly two decades in advocating for undocumented migrants’ human rights towards European and global institutions. Michele has played a key role as board member for several civil society organisations at the global and EU levels. She holds degrees in French, Justice and Peace Studies and a Master in Applied Sciences (Housing and Development).

    Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish as well as some Dutch and Italian

    Contact: michele.levoy@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210.17.81


  • Paul Geeraerts
    • Finance and administration
    • Human Resources

    Paul joined PICUM in 2010. He previously worked in finance and administration for Avocats sans Frontières, the Planned Parenthood Federation and Warner-Lambert. He holds a degree in accounting and fiscal law.

    Languages: Dutch, French and English

    Contact: administration@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210.17.81

  • Alyna C. Smith
    • Strategic development and planning
    • Communications, funding and membership policy
    • Internal management and recruitment procedures

    Alyna joined PICUM in 2015. Until 2021, she led PICUM’s advocacy on access to health care and access to justice for undocumented people. Alyna has a background in law, bioethics, and the life sciences.

    Languages: English, French, Spanish

    Contact: alyna.smith@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210 17 87  

  • Lilana Keith
    • Labour rights and labour migration

    Lilana joined PICUM in 2011. She has been involved in work to advance migrants’ rights since 2009, including through community development and funding. She has an academic background in international and European migration law and policy and anthropology.

    Languages: English, French

    Contact: lilana.keith@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210.17.84

  • Laetitia Van der Vennet
      Laetitia Van der VennetADVOCACY OFFICER
      • Undocumented children, families and youth
      Laetitia joined PICUM in 2019. She has worked on human rights and migration on the national and global level since 2010. Laetitia has degrees in psychology, anthropology and conflict and development studies and was a Rotary Peace Fellow at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, and a Munk Fellow in Global Journalism at the University of Toronto, Canada.

      Languages: English, French, Dutch

      Contact: Laetitia.vandervennet@picum.org, +32 (0) 2 210.17.87


    • Marta Gionco
        Marta GioncoADVOCACY OFFICER
        • Detention, return and criminalization

        Marta joined PICUM in 2019. She previously worked on migration and access to social protection for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and on human rights defenders protection for the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT). She holds a Master in Laws and a MSc in Migration, Mobility and Development.

        Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian

        Contact: marta.gionco@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210.17.84

      • Carmen Díaz-Bertrana
          Carmen Díaz-BertranaJUNIOR ADVOCACY OFFICER
          • Access to health care
          • Access to justice
          • Legal strategies for advancing rights

          Carmen joined PICUM in October 2021. She has an academic background in International Studies and is currently studying a Masters in Human Rights. Carmen has been part of language and cultural integration programs for migrants, volunteered as a cultural mediator for the Spanish Red Cross and has been part of grassroots organisations working with undocumented migrants in the Canary Islands.

          Languages: English, Spanish and some French.

          Contact: intern1@picum.org

        • Gianluca Cesaro
            Gianluca CesaroCOMMUNICATIONS OFFICER
            • Strategic communications
            • Media relations
            • Website and social media editorial content

            Gianluca joined PICUM in 2019. He previously worked in campaigns and communications for Fair Trials, and other Brussels-based NGOs.

            Gianluca has an academic background in political and social sciences, including a Master Degree in Human Rights.

            Languages: Italian, English, French.

            Contact: gianluca.cesaro@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210.17.83

          • Chloë Bouvier
              Chloë BouvierMULTIMEDIA OFFICER
              • Digital storytelling and Social Media Strategy
              • Production of print and audio-visual materials

              Chloë joined PICUM in 2020. She previously worked in the communications team for the European Development Days (EDD) 2019. She also has experiences in organising and promoting cultural events. Chloë holds a Master’s degree in Communications.

              Languages: English, French, and some Spanish.

              Contact: chloe.bouvier@picum.org, communications@picum.org +32 (0)2 210.17.83

            • Irene Subiri
              Irene SubiriADMINISTRATION AND EVENTS MANAGER [On maternity leave]
              • Administrative support including membership procedures
              • Event organisation

              Irene joined PICUM in July 2018. She previously worked in administration, projects and events management and also volunteered in marketing for some NGOs in Asia. Irene studied Business and Touristic Companies Management as well as Events Management.

              Languages: Spanish and English
              Contact: irene@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210.17.81

            • Federica Lucrezia
                Federica LucreziaADMINISTRATION AND EVENTS MANAGER
                • Administrative support including membership procedures
                • Event organisation

                Federica joined PICUM in March 2021. She holds a master’s degree in International Migration with International Conflict in Brussels and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Padova. Federica has previous experience with the Red Cross EU Office and she spent the last years collaborating with civil society initiatives in the field of migration in Italy, Spain, Belgium and for disaster relief projects in Nepal.

                Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and some French.

                Contact: federica.lucrezia@picum.org, +32 (0)2 210.17.81

              • Alma Gallicchio
                  Alma GallicchioADVOCACY TRAINEE - Health, Justice and Labour

                  Alma joined PICUM in October 2021. She holds a master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam with a focus on European Security Studies and migration policy and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at the University College Maastricht. She previously worked as a trainee for the European Parliament.

                  Languages: Italian, English, and French

                  Contact: intern3@picum.org

                • Tamam Abusalama
                    Tamam AbusalamaCOMMUNICATIONS TRAINEE

                    Tamam joined PICUM in November 2021. She holds a master in Communication Studies with a focus on new media and society in Europe and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She dedicated her master thesis to analyzing the representations of women refugees from ‘third world countries’ in mainstream Western media. She previously worked as communications and social media assistant at a Brussels-based think tank.

                    Languages: Arabic, English, Turkish and French

                    Contact: intern2@picum.org