Alison Des Forges Award, Woman of Courage and Solidar Silver Rose Award – PICUM members are given recognition for their work

Several PICUM members have recently been recognised for their work through awards.


  • Yonous Muhammadi, President of the Greek Forum of Refugees (GFR), received the Alison Des Forges Award for his support of the rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Greece as well as his commitment to defend women’s rights.


  • The Director of the Human Rights League (HRL) in Slovakia, Zuzana Stevulova, was awarded the Women of Courage Award for providing legal aid and services to migrants and refugees in detention, in cases of deportation, and asylum proceedings.


  • Fair Work from the Netherlands received the SOLIDAR Silver Rose Award in 2016 in the category ‘Together for Social Europe’ for fighting and preventing labour exploitation and modern slavery in the Netherlands and for their assistance to victims.
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