Diretrizes éticas

Many professionals in the course of their are work confronted with undocumented migrants and  have to deal with a suggestion of illegality surrounding their work. Not only in Germany, where providing help to undocumented migrants is penalized, but also in other countries it is not easy for help providers to justify what they are doing, both in the eyes of the public and in the eyes of the law. In this workshop we aim to discuss the position of welfare workers in relation to the law, and to look for ethical arguments that justify the help we provide for undocumented migrants.

PICUM has completed several actions on the theme of ethical dilemmas in providing assistance to undocumented migrants. At a PICUM workshop in 2001, discussions revealed the need to develop some ethical guidelines for all people who are confronted in their work with undocumented migrants. A second workshop program on this issue was held in March 2002, and a working group was established to prepare such Guidelines. In October 2002 the General Assembly of PICUM adopted the Guidelines.

To read the Guidelines, written in five different languages, click on the links below:

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