Links to Organisations - Austria

Aids Hilfe Wien
Mariahilfer Gürtel 4
1060 Wien
tel: ++ 43/1/595.37.11-93
fax: ++ 43/1/595.37.11-17

AIDS Hilfe Wien provides testing, counseling and treatment for HIV positive patients, and does information work and special projects within the scope of primary prevention for migrants.

Asylkoordination Österreich
Laudongasse 52/9
1080 Wien
tel: ++43/1/532.12.91
fax: ++ 43/1/532.12.91-20

Platform of NGOs that work with asylum seekers and recognized refugees. The organization has a special project on unaccompanied minors in Austria.

Asyl in Not
Währingerstrasse 59/2/1
1090 Wien
tel: ++43/1/408.42.10
fax: ++43/1/405.28.88
e-mail: asyl-in-not@asyl-in,

Provides legal assistance to rejected asylum seekers and publishes cases of injustice within the asylum system in newspapers and magazines.

Back on Stage (Youth Initiative)
Strobachgasse 4/4
1050 Wien
tel. and fax: ++43/1/585.31.96
mobile: ++43/664/24.36.012

Back on Stage works with youth in the 5th district of Vienna. The organization aims to work against social exclusion, by supporting adolescents and by encouraging them to insist upon their rights in society. It is also a combination of streetwork and group work.

Caritas Flüchtlings- und Migrantenberatung
Keplerstrasse 82
8020 Graz
tel: ++ 43/316/8015-0
fax: ++ 43/316/72.13.69-340

This department of Caritas has a special service for return, and also offers counseling and legal assistance to rejected asylum seekers.Caritas- Marienambulanz
Keplerstrasse 82 / 1st floor left
8020 Graz
tel +43/316/801.53.61
fax +43/316/721.36.93.53
mobile: +43/676/88015 361

Since opening in 1999, the Marienambulanz has offered low-threshold general medical primary health care for those people without health insurance (natives and foreigners), people living illegally in Austria and uninsured people (native and foreigner), who cannot overcome the barriers of the public health care system due to different reasons (alcohol- and drug addiction, shame, wish of anonymity, bad experiences, missing knowledge, language barriers, social inequalities etc.) The Marienambulanz offers health care as needed.

Considering the cultural aspect and the holistic bio-psycho-social treatment approach, a focus of the work in the Marienambulanz is the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases before they become chronically and cause not only pain but follow-up costs.

Danaida - Education and Social Center for Foreign Women
Marienplatz 5/II.III
8020 Graz
tel: ++43/316/710.660
fax: ++ 43/316/710.660-13

Danaida offers German language and literacy courses for foreign women, as well as cooking and computer classes.

Deserteurs- und Flüchtlingsberatung
Schottengasse 3a/1/59
1010 Wien
tel: ++ 43/1/533.72.71
fax: ++ 43/1/532.74.16

Provides assistance in making appeals for rejected asylum seekers. Offers German classes and counseling service.

Diakonie - Evangelischer Flüchtlingsdienst Österreich
Steinergasse 3/12
1170 Wien
tel: ++43/1/402.67.54

This organisation mainly offers counselling services, including legal assistance to asylum seekers and referrals concerning health care and housing.

Die Bunte Zeitung
Rotenlöwengasse 12/1
1090 Wien
tel: ++43/1/961.10.29
fax: ++43/1/317.35.61

Monthly magazine on asylum, refugee and migration issues.

OGB - Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund
Hohenstaufengasse 10-12
Postfach 155
1010 Wien
tel: ++43/1/534.44.222
fax: ++43/1/534.44.349

Trade union that aims to reduce illegal work and integrate legal foreigners, and to make employers hiring illegal workers punishable under criminal law.

Omega Health Care Center Graz - Organization for Victims of Violence and Human Rights Violations
Granatengasse 2
8020 Graz
tel: ++43/316/773.554
fax: ++ 43/316/773.554-4

Offers psychotherapy and psychological and medical counseling and treatment to victims of violence and human rights violations.

SOS Mitmensch
Zollergasse 15
Postfach 220
1071 Wien
tel: ++43/1/524.99.00
fax: ++43/1/524.99.00-9
e-mail: info@sos-

As a human rights organization and civil rights movement, SOS Mitmensch is a platform for dedicated individuals and organizations in the integration and social policy in Austria.

Zebra - Zentrum zur socialmedizinischen, rechtlichen und kulturellen Betreuung von Ausländern und Ausländerinnen in Österreich

Schönaugürtel 29
8010 Graz
tel: ++43/316/83.56.30-0
fax: ++43/316/83.56.30-50

NGO working with migrants and refugees. The ZEBRA Care team offers information and counselling on legal questions (reauests for political asylum, appeals, requests for rights to stay, etc.), assistance in searching for work, written and oral translations, assistance by contact with the authorities, information about schools and instruction, assistance in finding accommodation, and assistance for persons who are in deportation custody. The ZEBRA Health team offers assistance for family and health problems, therapy for victims of torture and persons traumatized during war, counselling on family planning, and advice on medical treatment.

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