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Keywords: Health Care

Improving Services for Undocumented Migrants in the EU

This project, co-financed by the European Commission’s Programme for Community Action in the field of public health (2003 – 2008), the Commission's DG Sanco and the Barrow Cadbury Trust, aims at improving the level of health protection for the people of Europe by addressing migrants’ and immigrants’ access, quality and appropriateness of health and social services as important wider determinants for health, focussing on health care services for undocumented migrants as an especially vulnerable group, an increasing public health risk and a group providing difficulties for health care providers and health policy.

The project will be carried out from January 2008 – December 2010 and will improve knowledge regarding service provision for undocumented migrants by collecting existing practice in health policy and health services in the EU. It will identify transferable good practices optimising between criteria of quality of care and stress reduction for providers. Perspectives of policy, providers and clients will be included in assessments of needs, strategies and problems.

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The aims of the project:

  • To improve the level of health protection for people in Europe, the first general objective is to support health services explicitly in their efforts to acknowledge the issue and look for the best available solutions for a systematic integration in organisation and professional routines. This can be achieved by collecting, evaluating and exchanging models of good practice.
  • The second general objective of the project is to support health policy decision makers to rationally deal with the contradictions of this situation and balance the need of health care providers for supportive legal and financial frameworks, individual and public health needs on the one hand and the interest of migration control on the other. To achieve this, a European agenda setting and a European collection of available knowledge on problems and solutions on the policy and service level will be provided.
  • The third general aim is to make undocumented migrants visible and usable for policy development and quality management of health care at least in exemplary fashion and thus improve health protection. To achieve this, a collection and analysis of needs and experiences amongst advocacy groups and undocumented migrants will be provided.

Undocumented migrants are vulnerable due to problematic health situations in home countries, health risks of clandestine migration, exploitation in receiving countries and difficult access to health care. They often receive health care too late, not appropriately and in low quality. They use services only in emergency situations as administrative procedures threaten clandestine status, continuity of care is difficult due to lack of identity and there are problems with language and culture. This makes services less effective for the individual and more expensive for health care authorities.

The Danube University Krems is coordinating  this project.

PICUM is one of six associate partners, including: AUSL di Reggio EmiliaMIM Malmö UniversityUniversity of Brighton and CIES - ISCTE Portugal.

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PICUM Project Officer
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