PICUM NEWS - PICUM encourages its members to contribute to Tribunal 12 with evidence

On 12 May 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, an event will take place which highlights the continual human rights violations and systematic mistreatment of refugees, asylums seekers and migrants. At Tribunal 12, Europe will be held accountable for these failures and advocates for a change within the European system. Inspired by the International War Crimes Tribunal, Tribunal 12 sets out to locate the moral, legal and political responsibilities as well as call for a change within the system.

During Tribunal 12, evidence will be presented to a jury in four sessions focusing on: border control, the asylum process, undocumented migrants, and detention & deportation. Members of the jury are internationally acclaimed persons active within the fields of philosophy, international law, literature, arts and activism.

PICUM encourages its members to contribute Tribunal 12 with evidence requested by the organisers in the form of:

• documentation

• personal stories

• artwork

• analysis and

• witness statements

If you would like to contribute with evidence, please contact:

For more information on the event-available in Français / Español / Arabic, visit

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