Building Strategies to Improve the Protection of Undocumented Children in Europe

Keywords: Undocumented Children

In March 2011, PICUM began a new 2-year project, co-funded by the European Commission Daphne III Programme, entitled “Building Strategies to Improve the Protection of Undocumented Children in Europe”.

Despite legal entitlements to primary and secondary education, health care, and housing, children in an irregular migration situation face numerous barriers to exercising these rights in most European countries. They face high risks of poverty, exploitation, social exclusion, and violence. This project aims to spread understanding of these challenges, and to develop strategies to overcome them.

Intensive workshops involving advocates, public officials, and social service providers will be held in seven representative Member States. The results – in the form of a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ indicating the legal rights of undocumented children and effective means to fulfil those rights – will be published and presented at a final EU-level conference. A platform will also be established for their ongoing refinement and application.

The project partners are:

Praxis Community Projects- Praxis (London, UK)

Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull'Immigrazione- A.S.G.I (The Association for Legal Studies on Immigration) (Torino, Italy)

Plate-Forme Mineurs en Exil (Brussels, Belgium)

Red Acoge (Madrid, Spain)

Groupe d’Information et de Soutien des Immigré- GISTI (Information and Support Group of Immigrants) (Paris, France)

Defence for Children International- DCI (Leiden, the Netherlands)

Polish Migration Forum (Izabelin, Poland)


For more information please read our summary document or contact:

Sangeetha Iengar, Project Officer,

Marta Mateos, Project Assistant,

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