WORKSHOP - TALLER DE TRABAJO “Construcción de estrategias para proteger a los niños en situación migratoria irregular en España "

The Platform for the International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) and  Red Acoge are organising a workshop entitled “Building Strategies to Protect Undocumented Children and Children of Undocumented Migrants” on 21 June 2012 at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology of the University of Complutense, on the Campus de Somosaguas in Madrid.

The goals of the workshop are for participants to build mutual understanding of the problems that undocumented children and children of undocumented migrants face in accessing education, health care and housing in Spain, and collaborate to devise some concrete actions and strategies to improve on some of the challenges identified. The workshop will bring together and benefit from the expertise of education and health care professionals, social workers, local authorities, non-governmental organizations and individual migrants concerned about undocumented children and children of undocumented migrants in Italy.

Deadline has been extended to Tuesday 19 June 2012 by 12 pm. To find out more about the workshop please click here. Practical information will be provided to participants closer to the time of the workshop.

La participación en el taller es gratuita aunque las plazas son limitadas, por lo que les rogamos que confirmen su asistencia antes del las 12 del mediodia del 19 de junio de 2012. Para más información sobre el seminario haga click aquí

A map of the venue can be accessed here and the agenda here


For more information please contact/Para más información contactar:

Sangeetha Iengar, Project Officer,
Marta Mateos, Project Assistant,

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