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Inter Press Service, 2 April 2013
Following an interview with PICUM's Director Michele LeVoy at the Children rights conference in February 2013, the news agency published an article on the situation of undocumented children in Europe. To read the full article, click here.


Government Gazette, March 2013
PICUM wrote an article for the Government Gazette's border security special discussing how increased border security influences perceptions on irregularity and favours criminalization of undocumented migrants.To read the full article, click here.


EurActiv, 21 March 2013
PICUM's Director, Michele LeVoy, talks in a guest blog of EurActiv about the urgency to tackle poverty and social exclusion of undocumented migrant children in the EU and how the European Commission's Recommendation “Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage”, adopted on 20 February 2013, is a step into the right direction. Read it here.

Dagbladet Information, 11 March 2013
The Danish newspaper interviewed PICUM about the risks of outsourcing EU border control to private firms. PICUM's Advocacy Officer, Kadri Soova, was quoted about the consequences for monitoring human rights violations. You can view the full article in Danish here.


New Europe, 27 February 2013
New Europe reported on PICUM's conference on the rights of children and their families in an irregular migration situation which took place in Brussels on 26 February 2013. Click here to read the article.


The Lancet, Volume 380, Issue 9845, 8 September 2012

PICUM was mentioned in the article "Civil society organisations and universal health care" following its participation in the campaign against restrictions on access to health care for undocumented migrants in Spain. Click here to see the article.


Le Matin, 5 July 2012
PICUM was mentioned and Didier Vanderslycke, PICUM Board Member, appeared in the illustrating picture of the article "Le Maroc, terre d'immigration des Subsahariens", that commented on a workshop co-organised by PICUM on 4 July 2012, in Rabat, Morocco. The workshop was entitled "Irregular migrants in Morocco: between legal entitlements and justice" and was organised in the frame of the "Beyond Irregularity" Project. Click here to view the article.


El Pais, 16 May 2012
Michele LeVoy, PICUM Director, was quoted a second time by El Pais for the article "ONG internacionales presionan por la atención a inmigrantes" on the legislative change in the access to health care for undocumented migrants in Spain. Click here to view the article.

El Pais, 29 April 2012
Michele LeVoy, PICUM Director, was quoted by El Pais for the article "La crisis no deja tirados a los 'sin papeles' en Francia, Italia o Portugal" on the legislative change in the access to health care for undocumented migrants in Spain. Click here to view the article.


Thomson Reuters, 11 April 2012
Eve Geddie, PICUM Program Officer, was interviewed by Thomson Reuters News Agency on the launch by the Belgian far-right party Vlaams Belang of a new website inciting citizens to denounce through on-line application crimes committed by undocumented migrants.


EuObserver, 26 March 2012
An opinion piece writen by PICUM Advocacy Officer Kadri Soova was published in the EU Observer. The article presents PICUM's opinion on the EU victim’s rights directive currently being discussed by the European Parliament. Click here to view the article.


The Guardian, 13 March 2012
In 2011, PICUM organised two trial observatory missions to Cyprus in support of Doros Polycarpou, KISA's Executive Director, who was facing charges of 'rioting' following the tragic events of the 2010 Rainbow Festival in Larnaca, Cyprus. The Guardian reported on the worrying escalation of racism in the country and mentioned the statements published by PICUM and other organisation on the subject.
Click here to read the article.


American Free Speech Radio News, 12 January 2012
PICUM Advocacy Officer Kadri Soova interviewed by the American Free Speech Radio News in relation to the recent statements made by the French Interior Minister on increasing 'deportation quotas'. (Read 3rd story or listen from 02:20). Click here to listen.


Cyrprus Mail, 14 December 2011
PICUM, represented by Nicola Flamigni, PICUM Communications Officer, participated to the second trial observation mission to Cyprus that took place on 12-13 December 2011. The delegation called on the Cyprus authorities to drop the charges against Doros Polycarpou, KISA's director. To read the article, click here.


France-Info, 9 October 2011
The French radio station, France-Info reported on the hearing of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly on the 4 October 2011 in Strasbourg, France during which the report by Pedro Agramunt Font De Mora on the situation of undocumented children in Europe was presented. A PICUM delegation comprising of PICUM members and partners attended the hearing in Strasbourg to present European and national level input, experiences and testimonies on the issue. Michele LeVoy, PICUM Director, was interviewed and commented on the practice used by immigration authorities whereby they utilise children as ‘”magnets” to reach the undocumented parents and the traumatising impact of such practices on the children themselves but also on the other students in the school. Michele LeVoy also noted the importance of the civil society network working on the issue in France. To listen to the news report (French), click here.


European Voice, 15 September 2011
An interview of Michele LeVoy, PICUM Director, was included in the Careers section of the European Voice on 15 September 2011. Ms LeVoy outlined the history and mission of PICUM. She seized the occasion to highlight the legal obstacles faced by undocumented migrants in Europe and the political context in which this issue is being discussed at the European and national level. Click here to read the article.

De Redactie, 8 August 2011
PICUM Board Member Didier Vanderslycke was asked to respond on VRT evening news, a Belgian television station, to the reports that undocumented migrants were sleeping in the cornfields of farms in the port town of Oostende in order to travel clandestinely to England. Click here to view the news video.


Cyprus Mail, 23 July 2011
PICUM, represented by Nicola Flamigni, PICUM Communications Officer, was amongst the delegation of four NGO representatives who came to observe the second hearing of the trial against KISA, PICUM member, and Doros Polykarpou, KISA Director, that took place in Larnaca, Cyprus, on Friday, 22 July 2011. To read the article, click here.


CRO 6, 21 June 2011
Kadri Soova, PICUM Advocacy Officer, was interviewed to discuss European migration policies by the Czech radio station, Český rozhlas 6 (CRO 6) on their programme "Focus on Foreigners". Listen to the radio programme here.


EuroparlTV, 24 May 2011
PICUM Director, Michele LeVoy, interviewed by EuroparlTV on the "Focus: Giving seasonal workers a good deal". She was one of three panelists discussing what can be done to address the regularisation of migrant seasonal workers in Europe. 
Watch the debate here.


Fria Tidningen, 30 May 2011
Eve Geddie, PICUM Programme Officer, wrote an article entitled "Undocumented migrants in Europe" for the Swedish newspaper, Fria Tidningen. The article is available in English or in Swedish.

PRESSTV, 16 April 2011
PICUM Programme Officer, Devin Cahill interviewed at the presentation of the findings of the recently published HUMA report in Nicosia, Cyprus which raises the issue of access to health care for undocumented migrants in Cyprus and Europe.
Read the article and watch the interviewe here.


ABC Radio National, Rear Vision, 10 February 2010
The Rear Vision programme discussed the case of irregular migration in Europe. PICUM Board Member Franck Düvell was one of the interviewees on the issue.
Read full article


Mondiaal Magazine, 12 September 2010
Eve Geddie, PICUM Programme Officer, representing Belgium at the World Social Forum on Migration in 2010, from 8 to 12 October 2010 in Quito, Ecuador
Read full article (Dutch)


Mondiaal Magazine, 8 November 2010
Representation of Europe by Eve Geddie from PICUM at the Global Forum on Migration and Development.
Read full article (Dutch)


Vita Europe, 13 December 2010
Public hearing at the European Parliament on access to health care for Undocumented Women and Children in Europe.
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TV5 Monde, 3 December 2010
On the reception crisis in Belgium and Europe, on 3 December 2010. Quote from Michele LeVoy, Director of PICUM, on the expansion of challenges faced by undocumented migrants and the negative impact of the criminalisation of undocumented migrants.
Read full article (French)


Rassegna it, 22 January 2009
Quote of Michele LeVoy, Director of PICUM, on the issue of forced labour and human trafficking and the newly approved European directive on the repatriation of irregular immigrants.
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IPS, 6 May 2009
Workshop on 'Irregular Migration and Informal Employment in Europe' held in Athens by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants.
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Die Zeit, 24 September 2009.
On the research project Clandestino
Read full article (German)

Hkaohmepinh, 12 October 2009
On the research project Clandestino.
Read full article (Greek)

Choices, IPPF, November 2009, page 21-22
Article written by Eve Geddie, PICUM Acting Director, on "Undocumented Migrant Women Gender-based violence in Europe’s fight against irregular migration" as part of a special edition on Gender-based violence in Europe in Choices Magazine.
Read full article
Read full Choices Magazine

Le Vif L’Express- Belgique, 13 November 2009
PICUM Board Member Frank Duvell was interviewed by the Belgian magazine "Le Vif/L'Express" to give his expert opinion on the situation of undocumented migrants in Europe. 
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Der, 4 December 2009.
Quotation of PICUM on the research project Clandestino, a partner to the project.
Read full article (Dutch)

"The Debate: Is climate change an opportunity or a threat for Swedes?" - EuroparlTV
PICUM Director Michele LeVoy speaking about the Stockholm Programme on Europarl TV on 14 July 2009.
Access video


Spiegel, 28 August 2008
Quote of PICUM on the issues of death of immigrants on their way to Europe discussing here the case of Malta.
Read full article (German), 24 October 2008
Edel McGinley, Board member of PICUM quoted on the vulnerability undocumented children migrant at People's Global Action on Migration, Development, and Human Right in Manila, the Philippines.
Read full article (English)


Tageblaat, 15 June 2007, No. 138, pg 14
Discussion on the question of undocumented migrants in Europe with Luxembourgish NGO and PICUM member, ASTI.
Read full article (Luxembourgish)

Lëtzebuerger Journal, 15 June 2007, No. 114, pg 5
PICUM member, ASTI organized meeting with PICUM, attended by Michele LeVoy to discuss the issues of partnership on undocumented migrants.
Read full article

Luxemburger Wort, 15 June 2007
Michele LeVoy is interviewed on the rights of undocumented migrants.
Read full article (Luxembourgish)

Le Jeudi, 21 June 2007
Quote of Ms Michele Levoy, PICUM Director, on the issue of regularisation at a meeting organised by Support Association for Migrant Workers (ASTI), a Luxembourg NGO.
Read full article (French)

The Lancet, Volume 370, Issue 9605, page 2070, 22 December 2007
Make reference to report published by PICUM, “Access to Health Care for Undocumented Migrants in Europe” 
Read full article (English)


Mondiaal News, 23 January 2006
Interview with Nele Verbruggen from PICUM on the situation of undocumented migrants in Belgium and Europe.
Read full article (Dutch)

RTP, 23 February 2006
Reference to the on-going study of PICUM on access to health care for undocumented migrants which was published in 2007.
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Alter Echos, n° 207, 21 April-4 May 2006, page 30
Reference to meeting organised by PIUCM, EPC, KBF and European Confederation Unions on roles of European actors on the issue of the fundamental rights of undocumented migrants.
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Diario Sur, 26 May 2006
The hospital, Hospital Punta de Europa de Algeciras, coming from Gibralatar took part in a meeting on acces to health and immigrants organized by PICUM in Brussels.
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terborgsFria Tidning, 29 November 2005
Interview with Anne Sjögren from Rosengrenska, a member of PICUM on the issue of health care and social issues for undocumented people.
Read full article (Swedish)

TSR, 18 October 2005
Quote by Franck Düvell on the rights of undocumented migrants.
Read full article (French)

Na Presseportal, 28 September 2005
Frank Düvell, board member of PICUM, represented PICUM and took part in a conference held by the Migration Department of the Swiss Red Cross on Tuesday, 18 October 2005 in Kursaal, Berne, Switerland.
Read full article (French)


DeMorgen, 14 March 2003, page 9
Announcement of the release of “Book of Solidarity” published by PICUM.
Read full article (Dutch)

DeMorgen, 27 May 2003, page 2
Meeting on undocumented migrants at the European Parliament organised by PICUM.
Read full article (Dutch)

Omonoia (Russia) 04.06-10.06.2003, No. 420, Front page and follow-up page 5
PICUM’s conference in the European Parliament in May 2003.
Read full article (Russian)

Vesti (Bulgaria-International Media Network Ltd), 05.06.2003-11.06.2003, No. 132, Front page and follow-up page 8
PICUM’s conference in the European Parliament in May 2003.
Read full article (Bulgarian)


The Nation, 27 May 2002
Quote with Nele Verburggen from PICUM on undocumentated migrants in Europe.
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Tertio, 19 June 2002
Interview with PICUM coordinator, Nele Verbruggen
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