International Legal Instruments

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'Numerous international legal instruments (Treaties, Conventions, Declarations etc) exist in order to ensure the rights of all human beings, including both documented and undocumented migrants.

Non-discrimination, equality before the law and equal protection of the law are basic and general principles relating to the protection of human rights. The principle of non-discrimination means that any differences in the treatment meted out to migrants must conform to international law and must not breach migrants’ internationally recognized human rights.

For a complete overview of the human rights which do in fact apply to undocumented migrants under international human rights law, please refer to PICUM's report 'Undocumented Migrants Have Rights: An Overview of the International Human Rights Framework'.


Below is a list of the most important standard-setting legal instruments regarding the general protection of universal rights, crucial in order to fully understand the rights of undocumented migrants.

International Legislation

European Legislation

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