Victims' Rights

The Victims' Directive is an important piece of EU legislation that guarantees dignity and respect, as well as access to minimum services, protection and support, for all victims of crime, irrespective of their residence status. All member states (except Denmark, which has opted out of the Directive) have until Monday, 16 November 2015, to implement the guarantees of the Directive into their national laws.

And then the work begins to ensure that those guarantees are made effective, in practice. This can only be achieved if we continue to work together and cooperate with the relevant authorities.

For this reason, PICUM has created a toolkit with resources for members and partners, to inform and to inspire action to advance the rights of undocumented victims of crime. The toolkit includes the following resources in English, French and Spanish:


In the run-up to the 16 November transposition deadline, we invite you to

  • Disseminate this toolkit to your network partners, and
  • Join our twitter campaign, #VictimsRights #JusticeForAll

A statement in English, French and Spanish will be publicised on 16 November, the actual day of the transposition deadline, calling on member states to meet their obligations to guarantee the rights of all victims of crime, by prioritising their safety and dignity over their immigration status.

On 16 November 2015, we will share the final statement and ask you to send it to your national policymakers, urging them to effectively implement the Directive.

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