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This project aims to give European health care workers access to a comprehensive body of knowledge which they can draw upon when trying to develop good practices.

Increasing attention is being paid in European countries to the special problems of providing accessible, appropriate, good quality health care for migrants and ethnic minorities. These problems stem from the fact that existing service provisions have been developed for majority native populations and may be ill-equipped for dealing with the needs of newcomers.

In the traditional countries of immigration (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) this issue has long been recognized and ethnic and cultural diversity have a secure place on the healthcare agenda. European countries, however, have less experience in this field. While some have built up substantial expertise, others are still only beginning to tackle these problems. Expertise cannot be simply imported from the four countries mentioned above, because populations, cultures and health care systems differ. There is therefore an urgent need for exchange and dissemination of expertise, information and good practices within Europe. In many countries, expertise and advocacy for migrant health care currently lacks the “critical mass”  necessary to play an influential role in the policy arena.

In each of the 16 countries involved in this project, the aim  is to establish an open-access, cumulative database or “wiki”, which can be consulted and added to in the same way as the well-known on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The wikis to be developed in this project, using the national language(s) of the country in question, will be used by professionals, policy makers, researchers, educators and representatives of migrants and minority groups within each country, as a knowledge base and a forum for exchanging information and ideas. They will be linked to each other and to a central (English-language) site.

The following information will be made available on the wikis:

Copyright material may be placed on the wikis subject to procedures which will guarantee that its utilisation remains within the criteria for “fair use”.

PICUM is a collaborating partner on this project, Mighealthnet is coordinated by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

For more information, visit the official MIGHEALTHNET site.

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