Beyond Irregularity

In March 2012, PICUM entered a new project, funded by the European Commission (EuropeAid/128764/C/ACT/Multi), entitled “Beyond Irregularity: Towards a sustainable approach to dealing with irregular migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe". The overall objective is to gather information which will allow individual governments, the EU and others to better manage irregular migration. The project will also work towards supporting civil society and State’s actors to protect the rights of all migrants.

The project’s specific objectives are to:

  • analyse recent trends regarding irregular migration between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe through collaborative action-oriented research
  • enhance through training and collaborative research the institutional capacity of governments and civil society actors in countries of origin and transit to better manage irregular migration, migrant smuggling and human trafficking
  • strengthen the protection of migrants’ rights in transit countries
  • raise awareness about the risks of irregular migration and exploitation by trafficking networks
  • provide a strategic and sustainable framework for dialogue and cooperation around irregular migration and trafficking between EU member states and countries of origin and transit.

PICUM’s role in the project is to develop activities aiming at strengthen civil society participation in the project, through engaging organizations working with undocumented migrants and related topics either in Morocco and Nigeria in advocacy training activities developed around two case studies carried out by IPPR with the national partners.

To ensure the sustainability of the project PICUM will be responsible for co-establishing a permanent Euro-Mediterranean Consortium for Irregular Migration Research and Advocacy.  Research institutes and civil society actors in the Euro-Mediterranean region will be invited to join.

A final conference will be organized on Friday 14 June in Brussels on future trends of migration from the Maghreb region to the EU to disseminate the project findings.

PICUM actively participates in the project advisory group meetings, stakeholders meetings and conferences/events associated to its and others’ project activities.

For more information please read the summary of the project document or contact:

Marta Grosso, Project Officer,


The project partners are:

Institute for Public Policy Research, London, UK

Council for the Moroccan Community Abroad, Rabat, Morocco

Development Research and Projects Centre, Kano, Nigeria

Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

Eaves Housing for Women, London, UK


This project is founded by the European Union

Project activities

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