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Keywords: Social Inclusion

This is a three-year project sponsored by the Network of European Foundations (NEF) and the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) which has as its goal to  strengthen the fundamental rights of undocumented migrants in Europe.

Network of European Foundations (NEF) has amongst its aims to act as an operational platform to develop projects between foundations and other types of organised philanthropy and other giving programmes, to develop Europe's role on the global stage, and to give a European perspective to regional and  local initiatives.

The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) is an initiative of NEF which was initiated in 2005 by a group of foundations from different European countries. It aims to strengthen the role played by NGOs active on migration and integration issues in advocating for a European agenda that benefits migrants and host communities.

PICUM's project, sponsored by NEF- EPIM, implements a three-year plan to strengthen the fundamental rights of undocumented migrants in Europe. This will be achieved by increasing the monitoring and reporting of undocumented migrants’ human rights, engaging more directly with the development of laws and practices and improving access to justice.

By widely communicating the realities and abuse of undocumented migrants in an innovative multilingual monthly news bulletin and website, PICUM will increase understanding of the vulnerable position of these people. PICUM will also issue an annual overview - translated in several languages - entitled ‘PICUM’s Concerns About the Fundamental Rights of Undocumented Migrants for the year.’ Building on its expertise on access to health care and protection of the rights of undocumented workers across the EU, PICUM's work in this project aims to target its finding and recommendations at policy level. PICUM's other projects, notably the European project on undocumented children entitled Fighting discrimination- based violence against undocumented children in Europe will add greater depth to the NEF - EPIM project.

PICUM’s role as a transnational civil society organisation will also be strengthened by its participation in global events, including the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD). Fostering partnerships with national members and international organisations, PICUM will also fund two member organisations to attend the GFMD in the three coming years. Increasing the voices of undocumented migrants in this and other global policy debates will broaden the focus from the global capital flow to enable the concerns of migrants and their families to be heard.


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