PICUM is currently involved in the following projects:

Women's Strategy

By investigating their situation regarding access to health care and education, fair working conditions, exposure to and ability to report violence and exploitation, PICUM hopes to support local initiatives active in the protection and empowerment of undocumented women and raise awareness at policy level regarding the discrimination, abuse and ill-treatment these women are facing in Europe. More

Children's Strategy

Despite legal entitlements to primary and secondary education, health care, and housing, children in an irregular migration situation face numerous barriers to exercising these rights in Europe. This project aims to spread understanding of these challenges, and to develop strategies to overcome them. More

“Beyond Irregularity: Towards a sustainable approach to dealing with irregular migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe”

The overarching objective of the “Beyond Irregularity: Towards a sustainable approach to dealing with irregular migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe” project is to create an evidence base which will enable individual governments, the EU and others to better manage and prevent irregular migration from Sub-Saharan African countries and transit in Morocco to the EU, and to institutionalise a dialogue about these issues between them. More.

Previous Projects

This is a list of selected past projects:

This projects implements a plan to strengthen the fundamental rights of undocumented migrants in Europe. This will be achieved by increasing the monitoring and reporting of undocumented migrants’ human rights, engaging more directly with the development of laws and practices and improving access to justice. More

Fundamental Rights Situation of Irregular Migrants in the European Union (FRIM) (2010-2011)
The aim of FRIM is to examine key aspects of the situation of irregular immigrants in the European Union in order to assess the extent to which their fundamental rights are respected and protected. The project will build on previous research, include a comparison of the 27 EU member states, as well as case studies on 10 EU member states. More

NowHereLand (2008-2010)
The project Health Care in NowHereLand – Improving Services for Undocumented Migrants in the EU had as its aim to improve knowledge regarding service provision for undocumented migrants by collecting existing practice in health policy and health services in the EU. More

Clandestino- Undocumented Migration: Counting the Uncountable. Data and Trends Across Europe (2007- 2009)
This project aimed to provide an inventory of data and estimates on undocumented migration (stocks and flows) in selected EU countries which can be comparatively analysed and assessed with respect to the ethical and methodological issues involved in the collection of data, the elaboration of estimates and their use, and to propose a new method for evaluating and classifying data and estimates on undocumented migration in the EU.  
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Fighting Discrimination-Based Violence against Undocumented Children in Europe (2007-2009)
The project aimed at fighting discrimination-based violence against undocumented children in Europe by developing the capacity of concerned partners to protect undocumented children from discrimination in gaining access to housing, education and health care. More

Access to Health Care for Undocumented Migrants (2005-2007)
This two-year project aimed to improve access to health care for undocumented migrants by developing and promoting a system of reporting on the situation regarding access to health care for undocumented migrants in eleven EU member states. PICUM's research gives visibility to the problems of marginalization facing undocumented migrants arising from their inadequate access to health. More

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