Case Law Tool

To monitor how law and legislation is applied to ensure undocumented migrants’ rights, PICUM’s “Case Law Tool” compiles relevant case-law and jurisprudence at national, European and international level concerning undocumented migrants’ fundamental rights.The tool provides brief overviews of procedures and rulings as well as links to the full judgements of the cases.

The Case Law Tool aims at assisting lawyers and jurists working on migrants’ fundamental rights in researching relevant jurisprudence at national, European and international level.

The document can be downloaded and the format allows users to quickly navigate through the case law compilation by searching by date, country, name of the case, issuing body or specific keywords or broader thematic areas.

The Case Law Tool will be regularly updated and members of the PICUM Task Force on Legal Strategies as well as other legal practitioners are invited to submit any relevant update to the PICUM secretariat to be included or amended in the online case law compilation.

Contact information: alyna.smith(at)

To download the case law tool, click HERE.


The PICUM Case Law Tool has been developed by Maria Giovanna Manieri, PICUM Programme Officer and Lia Baniotopoulou, PICUM Trainee.

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