PICUM Quarterly August-November 2011

Dear Subscribers,

With 2011 coming to an end, we are pleased to send out the PICUM Quarterly which highlights through short summaries of the last six PICUM Bulletins and the Director’s message key updates concerning to the situation of undocumented migrants in Europe.

Additionally, we would like to seek this opportunity to thank you for your on-going support to the work of PICUM as a reader of the PICUM Bulletin and Quarterly. With the changes we made in sharing information with you in 2011, PICUM would be happy to receive your feedback. We would appreciate it if you could fill out the following feedback form to help us improve the way we share information with the PICUM network. This will only take two minutes and would be very helpful for us!

The latest PICUM Quarterly is available in:

ENGLISH - PICUM Quarterly and Feedback form

FRANCAIS - Lettre d’information trimestrielle de PICUM et formulaire d’évaluation

ESPANOL - PICUM boletín trimestral y formulario de comentarios

NEDERLANDS - PICUM Kwartaalnieuwsbrief en het feedbackformulier

DEUTSCH - Der vierteljährliche PICUM-Newsletter und Feedback-Formular

PORTUGUES - Boletim Trimestral da PICUM e formulário de comentários

ITALIANO - Trimestrale di PICUM e questionario


Best wishes for the holiday season from the PICUM Team!

The PICUM Secretariat

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