Newsletter - January 2011

PICUM Newsletter January 2011 (EN - pdf)


Message from the Editor


Dear Subscribers,

After seven years of publishing monthly newsletters we think it is now time to improve the way we provide and share information. In recent years the number of our readers has rapidly increased, with more than 360 new subscriptions only in 2010. We want to honour this growing interest by doubling our efforts in order to provide a more up-to-date, newsworthy and easy to read newsletter. We will thus have two new resources:

The decision to stop the monthly translation was a hard choice, but the time we spent on monthly translations had to be cut to give us the possibility to publish the new Bulletin more regularly. Nevertheless, we still consider that linguistic diversity as a key element in reaching a wider audience and increasing access amongst NGOs, local authorities, professionals and others individuals who often lack information about undocumented migrants. That is why the newsletter we will publish every three months aims to fill this linguistic gap.

The first PICUM bulletin will be sent to subscribers in March.

In addition, we will also use a new system of categorization of news items, which will allow readers to easily identify themes of interest. The use of sub-titles that also indicate a reference to the country in which the news item takes place will also aid in easily identifying news items. The following newsletter is based on this new system, but it is meant to be a transitional newsletter as it conserves the old template and it is only in English.

We hope you will find these changes helpful for your work and support your activism for the promotion of respect for the rights of the undocumented migrants. Your comments will be most appreciated. Thank you.

Best regards,

The PICUM team


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