PICUM joins urgent plea from health community to prevent health crisis in Europe

Following an initiative by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), PICUM has joined nine MEPs and 65 leading trade unions, civil society organisations, health organisations, and industry associations to sign on to an open letter calling on European leaders to stop cutting essential health and welfare systems as a solution to the economic crisis but to focus on the ordinary people living in Europe who are first victims of the economic crisis hitting Europe and who are trying to cope with the dramatic consequences of the crisis.

As Michele LeVoy, PICUM Director, stated in the EPHA press release:

“Austerity measures are adversely and seriously impacting the most vulnerable members of society. It is of utmost importance to uphold universal access to the right to health, which key to the realisation of all other rights. The nature of the legal obligations of State parties under international law obliges them to abstain from enforcing discriminatory practices and to provide equal access to health services to all persons, including undocumented migrants,”.


Click here to dowload the open letter.

Click her to dowload the press release.


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