PICUM Bulletin — 17 January 2012


Dear subscribers, 

As we begin 2012, PICUM looks back with hope and promise gained from some milestones in the last months of 2011, as several institutions demonstrated their commitment to upholding the fundamental rights of undocumented migrant.

PICUM welcomes the steps taken by the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) to focus on irregular migration in 2011 through reports but also its annual conference; the UN Migrant Workers’ Committee confirmed that it would work towards drafting a General Comment on this issue; and the 5th edition of the Global Forum on Migration and Development was held in Geneva for which PICUM was asked to play a role during the civil society days as well as be one of the keynote panelists in the common space with governments, with over 700 participants in attendance.

And finally, at the end of the year, PICUM held a major conference on undocumented women, and we were reminded of the persistent and very real fear that many migrant women have of exercising their rights, due to their irregular status. Yet the active contributions by many migrant women, the courageous testimonies given by some undocumented women, and the numerous examples of support and advocacy given by the organizations at the conference were inspirational. 

We hope that all of these major events held at the end of 2011 will bring much needed recognition as well as commitment by various institutions to the improve the situation of undocumented migrants. We hope that our newsletter will continue to be a source of information for you and invite you give us your feedback about it, so that we can continue to improve. Please feel free to send us the feedback form that you received with the last PICUM Quarterly and that you can access in seven languages on the PICUM website -

Thank you, and our best wishes for this new year – may it bring much promise and change! 

Best wishes,

Michele LeVoy
PICUM Director


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