As a network of grassroots organisations working directly with undocumented migrants, PICUM holds a unique position which enables it to document evidence about their vulnerable position for dissemination and advocacy purposes.

PICUM Bulletin and Quarterly

The PICUM Bulletin and the Quarterly Newsletter are currently the only sources of information dedicated exclusively to reporting on the situation of undocumented migrants in Europe. These two news publications report on violations perpetrated against undocumented migrants, particularly with regards to access to social rights such as housing, education, health care and fair working conditions as well as monitor cases of deaths and ill-treatment of migrants occurring at the borders of the Europe. The PICUM Bulletin and Quarterly Newsletter provide news items on the various thematic issues focused on by PICUM permitting easy access to detailed and structured information.

Received by over 5,000 subscribers, PICUM Bulletin and Quarterly are valuable tools and sources of information for those working to protect and promote the rights of undocumented migrants by offering comprehensive overviews of developments within the EU institutions and promoting networking among PICUM members, researchers and other civil society networks by announcing forthcoming events, reporting on new initiatives and opportunities for discussion and cooperation.

The PICUM Bulleting is a bi-monthly edition published in English to provide up-to-date news and information on issues related to the situation of undocumented migrants in Europe.

The PICUM Quarterly Newsletter is released every three months and is available in seven languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

PICUM Website

The new PICUM Website was launched in February 2011. This more user-friendly version aims to spread further the mission and work of PICUM in the sector of social media. The website is a tool which opens a space for discussion, debate and dissemination of information to our members, networks and friends through our blog and be a resource reference for researchers, advocates and journalists interested in the topic of irregular migration.

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