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Please make a donation and support PICUM to protect the most vulnerable members of society from marginalisation, extreme poverty and exploitation.

Your donation helps us continue to promote respect for basic social rights for undocumented migrants such as:

PICUM is currently working on projects across the EU that promote access to health care, shelter and education. We actively support a wide range of individuals and organisations who provide humanitarian assistance in extremely difficult conditions. PICUM leads a network of some 3,000 organizations around the world to collect and disseminate information about issues faced by undocumented migrants to dramatically improve their living conditions.

Foundations and corporate donors interested in opportunities to support PICUM are invited to please contact our secretariat where we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

All our donors receive:

You can donate to PICUM by transferring your singular or regular contribution to

Account number: 001-3666785-67
Bank name: BNP Paribas/Fortis, Schepdaal (B)
IBAN: BE93 001366678567

Please mention your name and address, and reference: “donation”

Thank you for your support.

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