Organisational Structure

PICUM has a three layer structure consisting of a Secretariat, Executive Committee and General Assembly.

  • The Secretariat

PICUM’s daily business is run by its director and staff in the Brussels Secretariat. The Secretariat is supported by a network of volunteers throughout Europe who contribute to PICUM’s activities by collecting information, doing translation work, and organising national and local events.

To view a list of PICUM’s current staff, click here.

  • The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (Excom) functions as the governing body of the Secretariat. The Excom has responsibility for steering the mission, goals, planning objectives, and supporting the Secretariat.

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  • The General Assembly

PICUM has more than 140 member organisations who work on ensuring fundamental rights of undocumented migrants in Europe. PICUM's Annual General Assembly provides a forum in which member organisations vote on important issues concerning the operation and future planning of the organisation.

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PICUM has more 155 member organisations in 30 countries, primarily in Europe but also in other regions of the world. As a membership based NGO, PICUM provides a direct link between the grassroots level, where undocumented migrants’ experience is most visible, and the European level where policies relating to them are deliberated.

The benefits of PICUM membership include but are not limited to:

•       Resources and Support, such as utilizing PICUM’s expertise on policies you are facing in your country;

•       Network and Information Exchange, such as assistance in connecting with organizations that face similar issues;

•       Governance, such as the opportunity to contribute to the thematic focus of PICUM and its annual action plans;

•       Recognition, such as involvement in projects conducted by PICUM which promotes the work of its members; and

•       Events, such as invitations to participate in PICUM strategy meetings, working groups, PICUM's Annual General Assembly and  interface with policy makers..

PICUM members

PICUM members are non-governmental organisations or international organisations whose activities fully or partly relate to the situation of undocumented migrants.

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PICUM supporters

PICUM supporters may be individuals or organisations who are involved in humanitarian activities concerning undocumented migrants or who participate in NGOs whose activities fully or partly relate to the situation of undocumented migrants. They also include those involved in policy work, research, and counselling in the interest of undocumented migrants or those who otherwise may be able to contribute to the PICUM mission.


Despite its large network and workload, PICUM's secretariat is rather small, and we rely heavily on committed and dedicated volunteers to conduct our daily activities.

Thanks to the PICUM volunteers who compile news items and translate and proofread our newsletters and publications , we are able to provide information about undocumented migrants in seven different languages and to reach more than 4, 000 subscribers around the world.  We are also very thankful for our volunteer translator's help in making website content available in seven languages.

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