NGO Platform Membership

PICUM is a member of the following global and European NGO networks:

European Year of Citizens Alliance (EYCA): an alliance promoting active citizenship as a core element of European democracy in the frame of the European Year of Citizens 2013

Migrants’ Rights International: a federation of migrants’ rights organisations, trade unions and faith-based groups within the various global regions promoting and defending the human rights of migrants. PICUM is a member of the Steering Committe of MRI.

Social Platform: a network which promotes social justice and participatory democracy by voicing the concerns of its member organisations.

NGO PLATFORM: a network of Brussels-based NGOs working in the field of migration and asylum.
Read the "Statement by the European NGO Platform on EU Asylum and Migration (EPAM)  on the future EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Forum" from 16 September 2014 here.

European Platform for Migrant Workers’ Rights: a platform which advocates for a better promotion and protection of the human rights of all migrant workers and members of their families.

European Anti- Poverty Network: a representative network of NGOs and groups involved in the fight against poverty and social exclusion in EU member states.

Children’s Rights Action Group: an informal group of NGOs, UN agencies (represented by UNICEF) and EU institutions with the primary interest of exchanging information on children’s rights initiatives at the EU level.

La Strada International (LSI) NGO Platform: a platform which aims at strengthening the cooperation in Europe (both EU and Non EU) between civil society organisations that combine practical work with trafficked persons and affected groups with political advocacy for human rights based policies to eradicate trafficking in human beings.

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