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PICUM, the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, is a network of individuals and organisations working to ensure social justice and human rights for undocumented migrants. Grounded in principles of social justice, anti-racism and equality, PICUM works to ensure that all migrants are entitled to a dignified standard of living and respect. Bringing together the experiences and expertise of its members, PICUM generates and coordinates a humane and informed response to undocumented migrants’ realities and provides a platform to engage policy makers and the general public in the full realisation of their rights.

PICUM's activities are focused in five main areas:

  1. Monitoring and reporting: improving the understanding of issues related to the protection of the human rights of undocumented migrants through improved knowledge of problems, policies, and practice.
  2. Capacity building: developing the capacities of NGOs and all other actors involved in effectively preventing and addressing discrimination against undocumented migrants.
  3. Advocacy: influencing policy makers to include undocumented migrants in social and integration policies on the national and European levels.
  4. Awareness raising: promoting and disseminating the values and practices underlying the protection of the human rights of undocumented migrants among relevant partners and the wider public.
  5. Global actors on international migration: developing and contributing to the international dialogue on international migration within the different UN agencies, international organisations, and civil society organisation.

Click here to access PICUM's Annual Reports for a detailed account of our activities.

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